10 reasons why I am thankful for Grace Partnership

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My heart is full! It seems the list is forever long for the many reasons I am thankful to God. One aspect of thankfulness I am considering today is Grace Partnership. It is with our partnership in mind that I thought I would scribble out a quick post on:


10 reasons why I am thankful for Grace Partnership (In no paticular order)


1.  The local church I lead, Trinity Community Church, is not "independent". Yes, we are local - elder - led. I like that! But, we are not on an island - all by ourselves, I like that too!  


2.  We can do more, together. As a small local church, Grace Partnership positons us to be a part of something bigger than our local church.


3.  Vision - Grace Partnership stretches our vision, especially for mission.


4.  Equipping - If you were unable to attend, check out the "What Really Matters" conference held earlier this month. https://www.gpstrongertogether.org


5.  Relationships - What a gift it is for us to build a relational network between our churches that stir us in our affections for our Savior!  


6.  Doctrine and values - While we may not necessarily agree on every secondary issue, I am thankful for: shared doctrine and values on the things that matter most! Have you read our "Shared Affirmations" page yet?  https://www.gpstrongertogether.org/our-shared-affirmations/


7.  Gospel Convictions - The Gospel is what matters most for Grace Partnership!  


8.  Care - pastoral ministry can be lonely. I am extremely grateful that lonliness is not a part of my story!  


9.  Encouragement - I am regularly encouraged by reports of what God is doing in the other Grace Partnership churches!


10.  We are stronger together!  Thanks for being a part of Grace Partnership, thanks for giving financially to the mission. It is through all of our participation that we are truly stronger together.  


How about you?  In what ways are you thankful for Grace Partnership?  


Thanks for being a part of Grace Partnership!